Louis Vuitton's Newest It Bag Has Arrived—and Cate Blanchett Already Owns It

When you’ve worked in fashion as long as I have, you know to trust your instinct that something will hit the big time. At first glimpse of Louis Vuitton’s newest handbag launch, my fashion editor senses were immediately tingling. Never mind the fact that Cate Blanchett and Hoyeon already own the hot-off-the-press bag—the sophisticated design alone makes it worthy of this season’s most coveted accessory award. 

Louis Vuitton’s new GO-14 bag is actually a relaunch of a bag first shown at Nicolas Ghesquière’s October 2014 runway show, hence the name. The bag features a padded crisscross pattern called malletage, which is inspired by the padded interior of Louis Vuitton’s traditional trunks. The bag is a perfect representation of the house’s commitment to artistry. “The creative process requires more than 20 different steps, including the utmost meticulousness on the patina to ensure a satin or toasted finish and to perfect the color’s subtle gradations,” the press release stated. How’s that for attention to detail? Scroll down to see how Cate Blanchett styled the bag and shop it for yourself. 

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