LeBron James’ misses buzzer-beater results in Lakers losing to Trail Blazers. ‘Dame Dolla’ shines because of LeBron James

Los Angeles Lakers LeBron James missed the buzzer-beater to tie it. Los Angeles Lakers lost to Portland Trail Blazers 106-104, bringing their season record to 0-3.

Russell Westbrook had another memorable night. He followed up his two-point win against the LA Clippers Thursday by scoring 10 points and missing two shots in Sunday’s final seconds.

Both missed points were instantly punished by Damian Lillard’s brilliant three-pointers that took the game from the Lakers.

James ended the night with 31 points and eight assists. He also had eight rebounds and eight rebounds. James refused to criticize his teammates.

James stated after the game, “I’m no up here to do this.” “[Westbrook] had some nice looks but was unable to knock them down. We couldn’t make multiple stops at once defensively.”

The Lakers led 10-2, but quickly lost control and were eight points behind in the first quarter.

Despite their strong defensive performance, the Lakers were unable to score from the outside, ending the first half with 1-16 shooting from three-point range, and 55-48.

They rallied in the third quarter to win 78-83. Anthony Davis, who was dominant in the paint and scored 10 points, helped them to do so.

The Lakers couldn’t hold on to their lead. The Trail Blazers closed the gap by eight points to win with Lillard. Lillard dropped a record 41 points and was punished for every Lakers error. Lillard scored 12 points in the final quarter.

James responded to the Trail Blazers’ two-point lead with a simple dunk. Jerami Grant beat James immediately and beat Davis with a lay-up, putting the Trail Blazers at 104-106.

James attempted a step back of his own but Lillard blocked well and he missed the crucial two-pointer.

Despite this disappointing result, James still set another record with 1,134 20-point games. He tied Karl Malone.

Lillard’s 41-point performances were the highlight of the night, and they extended the Trail Blazer’s winning streak to three.

Lillard averages 34 points and makes 47.1% of his shots from three-point range.

After the match, Portland coach Chauncey Billups stated that “Obviously, Dame” was back and that he is putting the league on notice. “Dame was Dame down to the end.”

The Lakers lost, but the game was a success. They are trying to forget their last season’s woes.

Davis was almost unstoppable on the court, James was setting more records, and their defense was at its best for a long while.

They are often outside the paint, and Westbrook isn’t the only one who is letting them down. The team has scored 21.2% in three games from three-point range, and only six of 33 attempts against the Trail Blazers.

As the Lakers continue their difficult start to the season, they travel to Denver to face the Nuggets. They beat the Warriors to make it a winning season.

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