Kylie Kelce Is All of Us With Her Hilarious Cup Choices: 'Our Mugs Get Me'

Jason Kelce’s wife, Kylie Kelce, revealed she has two sides to her personality by unveiling her hilarious mug collection.

Kylie, 31, took fans inside her kitchen cabinet on Monday, January 29, highlighting two different cups. “Positivity please,” the mug on the left read with what appears to be the Eye of Providence surrounded by a sun in the middle. The symbol is meant to protect against evil and watch over humanity.

On the right was a bright yellow cup that read, “F–k around and find out.”  Kylie joked that the opposite designs perfectly embody her life. “Our mugs get me,” she captioned the Instagram Story.

Kylie, who has been dubbed by fans as Philly’s princess, has a history of keeping it real. Since marrying Jason, 36, in 2018, the couple have maintained a somewhat normal lifestyle with their three daughters: Wyatt, 4, Elliotte, 2, and Bennett, 11 months.

Kylie Kelce Is All of Us With Her Hilarious and Relatable Mug Choices

Kylie Kelce
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When the Philadelphia Eagles made it to Super Bowl LVII in February 2023, Jason and Kylie’s lives were thrust even more into the spotlight. Jason, who is a center for the Eagles, made history last year by playing against his brother, Travis Kelce, in the big game.

Jason lost the Super Bowl, but his relationship with Kylie has remained something fans can’t stop praising. “I feel almost a little guilty that people are so interested and invested in what I’m doing,” Kylie told Good Morning America in a segment that aired on Monday. “I’m like, ‘I am trying to scrape applesauce off the couch. … This is not that fascinating.’ So it’s funny to me. I deeply appreciate the support.”

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Jason Kelce’s wife, Kylie Kelce, is his — and the Philadelphia Eagles’ — No. 1 cheerleader. “I am like an Eagles fan to the extent of, like, if Jason ever went and played for another team, I would wear ‘Kelce,’ I would not wear another team’s stuff,” Kylie quipped in Jason’s Kelce documentary, which premiered […]

Although Kylie doesn’t consider her day-to-day captivating, her appearances on Travis, 34, and Jason’s “New Heights” podcast have proven she’s just as funny as the NFL players. Case and point: When Kylie revealed she got the real prize after Jason was named one of People magazine’s 2023 Sexiest Men Alive.

“I mean, I married him, guys,” Kylie told podcast listeners last month, confirming that she approves of Jason’s title. “All the women that passed up on this … mine. I knew this. This [accolade] is a no brainer to me. He’s still mine.”

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Kylie teased that her husband is “aging like fine wine,” noting he’s become a “silver fox” which she has embraced. “When we first started dating, he would have a random gray in his beard and he’d let me pull it,” she recalled in December 2023. “As I was pulling it, he would tell me how excited he was to get gray and to go white. I was like, ‘Eh, gray hair? That’s weird.’ Now, I’m like, ‘You son of a bitch.’ He’s salt and peppered on the sides. I mean, come on.”

Earlier this month, Jason made headlines for taking off his shirt and jumping out of the VIP suite while watching Travis play against the Buffalo Bills.

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Kylie revealed on Wednesday, January 24, that she plans to use Jason’s wild behavior to her advantage. “‘I’m not asking for permission, I’m doing this.’ – the exact quote I will say when I’m grabbing the keys to go get a cat,” she wrote in the comments section of a video shared via the “New Heights” podcast’s official Instagram account.

Kylie’s quip came one month after she told listeners on her spouse’s podcast that she has tried and failed to convince Jason to let her get a cat. “Here’s the deal, I told Jason that I wanted to get a cat and he told me no,” she said in December 2023, hinting that Travis’ romance with Taylor Swift (famously a cat lover) could help sway the vote. “I feel like you might like cats now. I don’t want you to send a cat, I just want you to get on my team here.”

Travis, who has been dating Swift, 34, since summer 2023, agreed with his sister-in-law. “I will say this though, you get a good cat … you won’t have any mice, you won’t have any birds in the house,” he said, trying to sway his brother.

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