Kids Products You Won’t Believe Are Real (& Highly Rated!)

These weird kids products might actually be genius

There’s always some new product for babies and kids out there. The “next big thing” is just around the corner, and with kids growing and changing fast, it makes sense that products have to keep up. Sure, when we were growing up, we were gnawing on wooden blocks and throwing glass bottles with latex nipples across the room and we came out okay. Right? Or at least, made it to adulthood. That doesn’t mean the “new and improved” weird kids products aren’t, well, improved.

But we’ve gotta say it. There’s also some weird stuff cropping up. The “are you serious” products that we can’t quite believe are real. They’re good for a laugh, but what if they’re actually brilliant? What if these strange products work like a charm? Well, we did a little research and, lo and behold, there are a lot of them that do. Based on Amazon reviews, this stuff seriously can’t be missed and might ultimately become must-haves. So, between making your life as a mom easier, saving you some time and money, and giving you the chance to tell all your friends that you found the Holy Grail of parenting, we think this list is going to blow your mind. But in a good way. These are the weird kids products that might actually be brilliant!

Dingle Dangle Headband Baby Change Helper

dingle dangle baby
Dingle Dangle Baby

If diaper changing is miserable for you and your babe, have you considered strapping an octopus to your head? 

Real Review: Bonkers but brilliant. My partner walked in wondering what on earth I was wearing on my head. And then he saw how much my son was smiling! -Suzy Harvey

Dingle Dangle Headband Baby Change Helper ($40.00)—Buy Here!

Munchkin Brica GoBoost Travel Booster Seat

munchkin brica

A pop-up booster seat with storage for diapers and supplies that also folds down and comes with a carrying strap. Okay, yes, that’s pretty smart.

Amazon Review: Works great for random places that don’t have a good baby seat available, or for when your little one is just a bit too little for the standard restraining seats restaurants tend to have. Just pull over any chair, or park ’em in the booth corner next to you. Quick to deploy or pack up. The storage is also nice to have a few distraction toys at the ready. -Michael T. Gillespie

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