Kids Jackets That’ll Last All Fall

These kids jackets will last all season (and then some)

No doubt about it; there are multiple reasons to love fall. We do have to admit, though, that constantly asking (orrrrr telling, begging, pleading, bribing…) our kids to just remember their jacket isn’t the best part of the season. We’ve mastered the art of dinner plans and smart family travel, but the kids jackets thing is just a constant struggle.

Well, until now. How do we make sure littles stay warm while they’re frolicking in the leaves? Make jackets fun! Although “jackets” and “fun” don’t typically go together, we think we’ve hacked the system with these colorful, cute, and cozy layers that kiddos will actually love wearing. Plus, we made sure there are colors and patterns little kids adore in this list. From family hikes to running errands, these jaunty kids jackets are sure to be snagged off the coat rack without a reminder! (Okay, maybe one reminder. We’re not wizards.)

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