Kids Bathroom Ideas the Whole Crew Will Love

Kids bathroom ideas that are both fun and functional? Read on!

If your kids have their own bathroom, then you know it’s very different than a non-kiddo space. It’s not just a matter of finding a shower curtain, set of towels, and a rug that matches and calling it a day. When it comes to kids bathroom ideas, whatever we put in there has to not only be functional (of course), it also has to be cute, convenient, and ready for whatever our little ones throw at it. Durability is key, but so is fun visuals, color, and some of their favorite characters. Afterall, we want to keep them wanting to use their own bathroom and learn some independence along the way. These kids bathroom ideas cover all your bases, so keep reading for our favorites.

Kupla Bubble Bath Rug

bubble bath mat

The bubbly tufts of cotton that adorn the Kupla Bath Rug from Crate & Kids is fun on their little feet and also absorbent—a must for splashy kiddos. Comes in 4 colors.

Kupla Bubble Bath Rug ($39.00)—Buy Here!

Bear Woven Kids Hamper with Handles


The Three Bears are a lot more helpful than the fairytale mentioned. Each one has plenty of room for laundry, and the sturdy water hyacinth weave can even handle toy storage. Add your pick of 3 colors and carrying handles.

Bear Woven Kids Hamper with Handles ($99.00)—Buy Here!

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