Kamala Throws Israel Under the Bus, Doubles Down on the Dumb With Rafah Comment

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I wrote earlier about Kamala Harris being clueless as she clapped and grooved to a protest song being sung against her. That was truly funny. But it’s just an example of Kamala not being the sharpest tool in the drawer and not getting or perhaps not caring how unhappy people are with the Biden-Harris team for a multitude of reasons. 

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Among those reasons is that she hasn’t seemed to have done much of anything for Americans while she’s occupied the office of vice president. When she speaks it tends to be in silly word salads and the border that she’s supposed to be the “border czar” over is a complete mess. It’s costing them big time in the polls and rightly so. 

When she and Joe came in, Biden issued executive actions taking apart everything former President Donald Trump had done to secure the border. They’ve not only done nothing to fix it, they made the problem worse with what they did do. And now they’re trying to blame it on the Republicans, after they caused it. 

But what is she focused on right now? Not the border. She’s focused on warning Israel that they shouldn’t go into Rafah to destroy Hamas. Why is she seemingly focused on saving Hamas? But listen to her rationale as to why Israel shouldn’t go in, that it “would be a huge mistake” because “I have studied the maps.” 

The reporter asked if there would be “consequences” if “he does move forward.” “He” is presumably Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, as though it’s just his idea, when most of Israel wants the military to go in and wipe out Hamas. But it’s also bizarre to frame it as though Israel was the one in the wrong for wanting to wipe out the terrorists who attacked their country and killed more than 1,200 people, the terrorists who still pose a threat to them. Harris said they were “ruling out nothing,” which is an implied threat to Israel if they go around the Biden administration. 

The incredible thing here is they’re willing to threaten and bully Israel, a long-standing ally, all because they’re worried about losing the election because of unhappiness by the radical left over the issue. They’re afraid they’re going to lose Michigan and a lot of other votes. 

They don’t seem to give a darn about the American hostages still being held. Where is their verbal pressure on Hamas? We only hear them attacking Israel. 

It’s also hilarious that her argument is that she’s “studied the maps” — as if that suddenly makes her an expert. Let’s listen to another teaching moment from Kamala as she explains to us the situation between Ukraine and Russia in her classic way. 

Is she going to explain Venn diagrams to us too? She has trouble understanding the maps of our own country or the fact that we’re supposed to be defending a southern border that she’s only passed through once. 

She really has no credibility on the issue. 

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