Kamala Harris Delegate Says They Will Blow Up the Democrat Party If a White Man Is Chosen Over Her

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Kamala Harris delegate, Areva Martin, appeared on Stephen A. Smith’s podcast, and let’s just say the Democrat Party will implode if a white man not named Joe Biden becomes the Democrat nominee. It was only a matter of time for someone to say the quiet part out loud.

Here is what Martin told Stephen A. Smith:

You’ve got to build consensus, and there is not consensus right now. You pick a white man over Kamala Harris — black women, I can tell you this: We’re gonna walk away, we’re gonna blow the party up. 

The infighting is just getting started; this is nothing yet. If the Democrats select Gov. Josh Shapiro (D-PA), Gavin Newsom (D-CA), or Andy Beshear (D-KY), people who want Harris as the nominee will not stand for it because, as she said, if they pick a white man over Harris, not only will they not vote for that individual, but they will blow up the party.

Harris seems to be gaining momentum as her poll numbers seem higher now than at any point during the Biden presidency. As Newsom and Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D-MI) are down by five against Trump nationally, which is an electoral wipeout, Harris is down by just two points in the same poll. 

Whitmer would be a stronger candidate than Newsom in terms of the baggage they bring, as would most on the Democrats’ side, but it seems like he continues to control the spotlight and be in front of cameras. Unless it’s to highlight his accomplishments, then he’s either nowhere to be found or giving a pre-recorded State of the State speech.

As long as Biden’s mega-donors, such as LinkedIn co-founder Reid Hoffman and former Mayor of New York City Mike Bloomberg, remain on his side continuing to fund his campaign, and as long as First Lady Jill Biden has a say in every move Biden makes, there is a slim chance he steps aside. 

Martin said she is for Biden in 2024 and will vote for him, to nobody’s surprise, but she expects to see Harris as Biden’s replacement if needed.

She continued, saying:

Nobody’s told me who it [Ideal Democrat candidate] should be. And then tell me how you’re gonna get the four thousand delegates, which I am one of them. I’m a delegate coming from California.

Many have accused Newsom of running a shadow campaign, as he focuses on red states such as Florida, Texas, and Oklahoma, more than his own state and the problems that California residents are facing due to his and the Democrat supermajority’s absurd policies. 

This could be one of the messiest conventions if the Democrats decide to swap out Biden. 

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