Joy Behar Jokes Someday She Wants to Have Sex With a Woman: ‘In My 90s’

Joy Behar Jokes ‘Someday’ She'll Have Sex With a Woman: ‘In My 90s’

Joy Behar.
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Joy Behar is leaving plenty of room for sexual exploration as she looks toward the future. 

On the Thursday, June 27, episode of The View, Behar, 81, was asked by comedian Sandra Bernhard, “Here’s a question. Have you ever gotten it on with a lady?”

Behar responded, “No, but someday I will,” to which Bernhard, 69, quipped, “You better hurry up, Joy.”

However, Behar — who has been married to husband Steve Janowitz since 2011 — doesn’t appear to be in any rush. 

“I’ll do it in my 90s,” she joked. 

Joy Behar Jokes ‘Someday’ She'll Have Sex With a Woman: ‘In My 90s’
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Thursday’s roundtable was chock full of sexual confessions from The View’s cohosts, including Sara Haines, who Behar called “a closeted, lipstick lesbian.”

Haines, 46, said she used to visit famed New York City lesbian bar the Cubbyhole in her younger days. “I never saw you there!” Bernhard said. 

“I went to Smith College. I played on a gay volleyball team,” Haines explained. “I’m gay-adjacent. Or not-adjacent.”

Haines has been married to husband Max Shifrin since 2014. 

Joy Behar Jokes ‘Someday’ She'll Have Sex With a Woman: ‘In My 90s’
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Bernhard and comedian Judy Gold were guests on The View to discuss their participation in the new Netflix documentary Outstanding: A Comedy Revolution, which explores the history of LGBTQIA+ stand-up comedy. 

Gold, 61, recalled how she stayed in the closet on stage until she had her first child in 1996.

“I came up in the straight clubs,” Gold said on Thursday. “I have to say, I came out because of my child, but I think it was precisely because of him that it made it easier for me to come out. I think people were more comfortable hearing about gay parenting.”

Gold — who has been in a relationship with partner Elysa Halpern since 2007 — is the mother to sons Henry, 27, and Ben, 23.

“We’re the truth-tellers,” Gold said of herself and her fellow comedians. “It wasn’t always easy to tell the truth because there was a lot of pushback. And I also believe our young LGBTQ community needs to know their history. It’s very important.”

Bernhard agreed, saying, “It was handed to them. It wasn’t handed to us.”

Outstanding: A Comedy Revolution — which also features appearances from Lily Tomlin, Rosie O’Donnell, Eddie Izzard, Wanda Sykes, Margaret Cho and more — is available to stream now on Netflix.

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