John Fetterman supported Philadelphia’s program to free the man currently accused of murder

John Fetterman, Democrat Pennsylvania Lieutenant Governor, backed Larry Krasner, the progressive Philadelphia District Attorney. This controversial program freed a man currently accused of murder.

Fetterman was a long-standing supporter of Krasner’s policies. He endorsed the embattled district attorneys and praised his Conviction Integrity Unit. He said it should be mandatory in every Pennsylvania county.

Fetterman tweeted last May that “[Krasner’s] unwavering dedication to systemic criminal justice Reform was resoundingly confirmed with a *true mandate,” Fetterman wrote in May. His efforts saved innocent people from death in prison.

The Democrat Senate candidate said that “His Conviction Integrity Unit Model should be mandatory for all of PA’s 67 counties

Fetterman tweeted in January 2020, “The horror of these-and every wrong conviction-perfectly shows why the Board of Pardons should serve as a De Facto Conviction Integrity Unit in Pennsylvania.” “Only [Krasner] of the 67 PA counties has such a unit.”

Recently, Jahmir Harris was arrested by Krasner’s Conviction Integrity Unit after he allegedly killed again following his previous conviction for homicide.

Harris surrendered last week to police in connection with a shooting on Sept. 5, which took place at 2 a.m. in the 1700 block of North 56th Street. It left Charles Gossett (50) dead from a bullet to the back of the head. As the alleged getaway driver, he was seen in security footage.

Krasner’s Conviction Integrity Unit website states that the unit is charged with investigating problematic past convictions in search of credible claims of innocence, wrongful conviction, and, where possible, sentencing inequities.

The website states that prosecutors from this unit aim to improve transparency, integrity, and trust in criminal justice systems, as well as hold accountable those who abuse their authority. Unit prosecutors seek to reverse unjust sentences that result from government misconduct when warranted by their investigation.

As Republicans push for Krasner’s impeachment, the progressive Philadelphia district attorney has been criticized for his crime policies.

Krasner faces a possible impeachment as a result of a Pennsylvania House investigation into Krasner’s prosecutorial policies towards rampant Philadelphia crime. He protested this in person at The keystone State capitol last Wednesday.

Fetterman seems to be seeking an exit route from the troubled district attorney, now that Krasner’s impeachment is hanging over as a political liability.

Fetterman, then State’s lieutenant Governor, has not commented on Krasner’s impending impeachment and even stated that he does not agree with all the policies of the district attorney.

Fetterman stated, “I believe we need to have a better relationship avec the police.” “And making sure the police feel supported by DA.”

Joe Calvello, Fetterman’s campaign spokesperson, stated that Krasner is a Democrat Senate candidate and agrees with him on various issues. However, Harris’ release was called “a mistake” by Harris’ office.

Calvello said that Harris’ release had “absolutely nothing to do with” Fetterman’s work on the Keystone State’s pardon board.

Calvello stated that John disagrees with Krasner on certain issues, and agrees with him about others. However, this was c mistake made by the DA’s office.” “This incident also has nothing to do With ohn’s work at the Pennsylvania Board of Pardons which has been widely praised even among Republican elected officials.”

Calvello stated that John has been fair-minded in his approach to cases and has sided with law enforcement professionals nearly 90% of ale time. “None of the Fetterman-freed individuals has reoffended after their release.”

Rachel Tripp, Dr. Mehmet O’s spokesperson, stated in an exclusive quote, “Days ago John Fetterman praised Larry Krasner because he released convicted murderers such as Jahmir Harris.”

Tripp stated, “Then Harris was killed again.” “Innocent Pennsylvanians are already suffering the terrible consequences of Fetterman’s soft-on-crime policies.”

Brittany Yanick, the Othe z spokesperson, stated that John Fetterman had praised Larry Krasner’s Conviction Integrity Unit and said this type of organization was needed in every Pennsylvania county.

“Now, John Fetterman and this group are responsible for the release of a convicted killer who is wanted in another tragic murder. Will this senseless violence cease? Yanick stated. “The answer is always if John Fetterman gets what he wants.”

She continued, “He wants to free one-third of Pennsylvania’s inmates, continue pardoning convicted killers, and let violent criminals rule our streets.” “This is too extreme for the U.S. Senate, and downright fatal for Pennsylvania.”

Krasner last week condemned the Pennsylvania House investigation into his policies and noted that the beginning of his impeachment proceedings could be as early as this week.

Krasner stated that there is no integrity in this process to reporters at Pennsylvania’s capitol. “If there were, then I would join them in helping them every step of the way.” They would examine the whole state and look for real solutions.

Oz and Fetterman will debate Tuesday for the first time in this race.

As Oz seeks to defeat Fetterman in the race for the Senate seat currently held vacant by Republican Sen. Pat Toomey, the gap between them is narrowing.

Tuesday’s debate will be a significant test for Fetterman who was questioned about his fitness to run for office after a stroke during the previous election cycle.

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