Jennifer Lopez Wore the Most Un-J.Lo of Flat Shoe Trends With Baggy Pants

If you’re at all familiar with Jennifer Lopez’s style (which I’m guessing you are), you know that the shoe trends she chooses to wear aren’t typically considered “sweet”, or low-key. But from time to time, she surprises us all and chooses one that’s a major departure from the platfom shoes, towering heels, or sneakers she typically wears, and this was the case when she was photographed yesterday at a hotel in Beverly Hills.

For the occasion, Lopez opted for a put-together outfit, consisting of a white blouse and pleated baggy trousers. And instead of sky-high stilettos, she wore a pair of ballet flats that laced up around her ankles. This isn’t the first time Lopez has worn ballet flats (another was during her Parisian honeymoon with Ben Affleck), but she doesn’t wear the trend often—especially ones that tie around her ankles.

Lopez’s pretty ballet flats were by Dior, but you can purchase the trend for significantly less. Keep scrolling to do so.

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(Image credit: The Daily Stardust/Backgrid)

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(Image credit: The Daily Stardust/Backgrid)

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