It Wasn't Easy But I Just Evicted These 6 Boot Trends From My Closet

I’m quite fond of a good old-fashioned closet clean-out, but something I hate getting rid of is shoes. I’m not someone who often wears my shoes out to the point of having to just throw them away, but when I go years without wearing a pair, it’s obvious that they’re just taking up space in my closet.

I’ve just returned from an end-of-summer vacation, and I’ve never been more in the mood to free up some space for some new fall items. And since boots take up a significant amount of room, they’re up first. There are several styles I’ve admittedly been hanging onto for far too long, and I’m finally ready to part with them. The good news is that it’s an incentive to do some shopping new boots. 

Scroll on to find out which dated boot trends I’m parting with, and which fresh trends I’m trading them for this fall.

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