It Seems Like Each and Every Celebrity Is Shopping These Under-$550 Bag Brands

You know what they say, money doesn’t buy class. And when you have as much class as these celebrities you honestly don’t need a designer bag to prove yourself for any sales associate or business opportunity. The it-girls of this world have proven that style is all about taking risks and having fun, and I like to have fun with a fashion-forward bag on my arm.

While I’ve loved finding designer bags that are worth splurging on throughout the years, I have decided that when it comes to a good night out with my friends—a more affordable option is always the move. I don’t like to have to worry about my bag getting spilled on or lost on a night out. That’s why I love that the majority of my bag collection is composed of mid-tier priced bags that have the celebrity stamp of approval. From new faces like Aupen to an industry classic like Brandon Blackwood—these are the under $500 that you simply need to know about. 

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