I’m Taking a Break From Trends—8 Classic Winter Looks I’ll Be Wearing Instead

While there’s no denying the importance of trends in keeping fashion fresh and inventive, it’s worth picking and choosing the ones you buy into. In fact, there is something to be said for building a wardrobe which altogether eludes them. If you want your clothing to outlast seasonal tastes, consider a more future-proof approach to shopping, focusing on forever buys over fleeting fads. Personally, I believe there’s room for both—in my own wardrobe, I try to keep things timeless, but if a trend particularly excites me, I’ll allow myself to try it out in a low-stakes way. If I don’t get the wear out of it within a few months, I’ll simply flog it on Vinted, pass it on to a friend or hand it over to a charity shop.

Generally, though, I get the most joy out of piecing together a simple, classic look that I know I can re-wear for years to come. And I’ve found that amongst the hundreds showcasing trend-led looks on Instagram and during Fashion Month, there are plenty who adopt a similar attitude to dressing. In fact, I recently went down a street-style rabbit hole and was pleasantly surprised by how many understated outfits I came across. Fresh from the streets of Paris, Copenhagen and New York, the eight ensembles below are at the top of my list to re-create for the coming season.

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