I'm Only Interested in Elegant-Looking Swimwear—7 Trends That Are Extra Classy

Dressing more elegantly has been my primary goal for my wardrobe this year. However, that doesn’t mean I’ve had to go on a spending spree. As someone whose style has always been on the minimal side, I already own a good selection of the items I see repeated in the classiest social media outfits—what it all comes down to is the styling. Often, it’s minor tweaks that can make a look feel more honed and sophisticated. As Coco Chanel famously suggested, before you leave the house, look in the mirror, remove one piece from your look, and see if that makes a difference. When I employ this trick, I often find it makes my outfit feel more polished, thus proving my sentiment.

Naturally, I’m looking to carry on exploring my elegant era on my upcoming holiday to Italy, where I’ll be staying in Rome, Sorrento and near Amalfi. As you’re likely aware, these are very stylish places to vacation, and I want to look like I fit in, even if I am traipsing back to my shoebox-sized Airbnb at the end of each day. While I’m confident that I have my day and nighttime outfits down, I still have a question mark over my swimwear.