I'm In New York For Fashion Week—These Are the 5 Hotels Everyone's Talking About

New York is known for many things—the energy, the diversity, the entertainment, the food—but the hotel scene makes this city stand out among the rest of the world. Hotels in New York City are more than just places for travelers to rest their heads. Instead, thanks to the unmatched ambiance, high-profile chefs, and Instagram-worthy décor, they are considered the It spots for locals, tourists, and celebrities alike. Per usual, the hotels of the moment are constantly changing, but throughout my time so far at NYFW, I was able to catch wind of the hotels that everyone is talking about this season. 

Some of the establishments listed below are basically institutions in this city while others are the newest on the scene. What unites them all is the fact that if someone were to ask you where they should go drink, eat, or stay in New York, you would appear insanely in the know if you mentioned any of the five hotels listed below. These hotels are specifically beloved among the celebrity and fashion crowd—two groups of people who love nothing more than being seen at the most-talked-about spots, period. 

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