I'm Finally Embracing My Fine, Wavy Hair—These 15 Products Seriously Help

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Confession time: as a beauty editor, mastering the art of hair styling has always eluded me. Skincare? I nail it! Makeup? A breeze! But, for some frustrating reason, making my hair look good has never been my forte. (Until now, that is.) Even though it took me close to 30 years, I recently discovered that my hair—surprisingly—has a lot of natural wave. Over the past year, I skipped the electrical heat tools and let it air dry, leading me to the revelation that there’s some significant bounce to my mane, sans styling.

Excitingly, I was able to unlock a new world of styling possibilities and ever since, I’ve become obsessed with getting the most beautiful, cascading waves as humanly possible. The real game-changer? Finding the right products and routine to enhance and embrace my natural waves. Whether it’s the perfect shampoo and conditioner duo or a good curl cream, I’ve tested a few dozen haircare products to really know what’s best for this type of hair pattern.

Below, you’ll find 15 of my favorite wavy hair essentials—perfect for a newbie, like me, or a seasoned styling pro. Keep scrolling for all of the must-haves I highly recommend for anyone else trying to enhance their natural waves.

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