I Told My Friend to Start Her Fall Wardrobe With These 5 Fashionable Basics

Whenever my best friend asks about which pieces to test out for a new season, I typically direct her to fashionable basics first. Sure, trendier picks will come, but it’s the basics that will often become the true weekly staples. So starting with basics in a new season and building from that is often of interest. For fall 2023, I suggested five next-level basics that are forward and modern and have the versatility factor that makes basics so appealing.

Below, you’ll uncover the best fall basics to try, as showcased by some of my favorite fashion follows. You’ll notice that each of the pieces could be styled with many items already in your wardrobe to create effortless and chic looks. If you’re interested in shopping for fall, there are also inspired recommendations for each of the of-the-moment basics.

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