I Thought I Was Over Bobs Until I Noticed Everyone Searching for This Chic Short Hairstyle

Bobs have been one of the most sought-after hairstyles for a while now. From the blunt bob to the stacked bob and even the Italian bob, there has been plenty of inspiration for those of you wanting to get the chop. However, come spring I had started to notice more and more people opting for longer hairstyles for festival season and beyond, and I myself had decided to grow my hair out for the warmer months. That was until I came across a certain hairstyle that had me fall in love with the bob all over again.

You see, the other morning I was having a look on Google Trends to see what beauty products were proving popular and I noticed that a lot of people were searching for layered bob hairstyles with fringes. After doing a bit of research myself (and by research I mean looking at some of my favourite accounts on Instagram), I quickly released why people are keen to find out more about this look.