I Spent Hours Searching Through White Trainers to Find These 26 Perfect Pairs

If you were to ask me what pair of shoes everyone needs to own, I’d say, easy–a really great pair of white trainers. For context, I’m not exactly a self-confessed “sneakerhead”, but if I look back through the years I’ve spent collecting shoes, the one constant has always been a pair of white sneakers. From the Adidas Gazelles that I got as a teenager to the Alexander McQueen pair I bought with my first real paycheque, you could say I’m a fan of a clean, white finish.

What I’m trying to say is I don’t suddenly love sneakers because they’re “in”. Trainers have a timeless versatility that transcends trends, earning themselves a top spot in the fashion world. From Phoebe Philo and Alessandro Michele’s love of Adidas, to Balenciaga’s sellout chunky sneakers, we’re now at the point where wearing trainers is as common as wearing heels. And there is nothing smarter than the white trainer. 

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