I Just Came Back from Croatia—6 Elegant Trends I Spotted Everywhere I Went

I’m going to preface this article by saying if you haven’t been to Croatia, it should absolutely be on your travel bucket list. From the sparkling crystal-blue waters and the incredible historical architecture to the warm hospitality and delicious fresh food, the European country is a jewel, and I’m already planning to return to the cluster of islands next year to explore more. Having said that, I packed a lot into my five-day trip there, flitting between luxurious port towns as well as the bustling city of Split, so I do feel like I have a decent grasp on what Croatia is all about. And let me tell you, I found the people there to be just as stylish as their European counterparts who tend to steal a lot of the fashion spotlight (yes, I’m talking about the French and Italians).

From locals to those visiting the area, there’s a sense of getting dressed up that goes hand in hand with the Croatia mood. In place of sporty-looking shorts and graphic tees (which, in fairness, can look very fashionable if worn in a certain way), there was a noticeable lean towards more polished-looking outfits, which, as a fashion editor, I very much appreciated.