I Honestly Can't Resist Winter Boots from M&S—Here Are My Favourites

Unlike some, I’m very happy to embrace the advent of the winter season. A few months of cold weather in exchange for brisk mornings, long evenings and twinkling cities sound like a fair exchange to me. Of course the onslaught of wetter, windier days does occasionally dampen my spirits. When all of a sudden the weather is at its foulest, and your trusty trainers or sharpest loafers just won’t cut it anymore, there is only one thing to be done: commence the hunt for the perfect spirit-lifting pair of winter boots.

As a fashion editor I’ve done the rounds in search of practical, stylish and long-last boots and I am delighted to report that one of my favourite brands to meet these demands heralds from the British high street.

High-street favourite Marks & Spencer has long been loved for their extensive knitwear range comprising a great number of wool and cashmere items, but on this occasion I’ve honing in on their under appreciated leather goods.

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