I Had Never Heard of Colostrum… But Now I Can't Wake Up Without Drinking It

When I first tried Armra, I did absolutely no research. This might not be my best trait, but when I hear people raving about something, I’ll try it immediately. No questions asked. It was at the peak of cold and flu season and after a few colds got me down, I noticed that whatever it was I was taking was keeping me out of the circuit of bed rest. A friend stayed for the weekend and was sick, I didn’t get it. My entire friend group was down a different weekend, I got away without a scar.

I began raving about it to other people and hearing their responses is when it dawned on me that I was essentially drinking breast milk and I was shocked. I had no clue and as someone who has been dairy sensitive for years would probably have opted out. I immediately apologized to a vegan friend that I convinced to take my favorite supplement when she came over and began to become enthralled by the details behind this supplement that does things that people refer to as “biohacking.”

I just had to know everything and that’s when I started to notice the other benefits that this supplement had on my general well-being, it seemed too good to be true since it acted as a cure all for everything. Suddenly my hair is getting healthier, skin is clearer, and I am better at stomaching dairy when it comes across my plate.

sierra mayhew trying armra colostrum

(Image credit: @_sierramayhew)

What is Colostrum?