I Dissolved All of My Lip Filler— Here's Every (Surprising) Thing I Learned Along The Way

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Unlike some of my close friends, colleagues, and strangers on the internet, lip fillers (and subsequently, lip filler dissolver), weren’t something I paid much attention to. I never sucked on a shot glass to get Kylie Jenner-style lips or over-lined my natural cupid’s bow to achieve the Rihanna look. Frankly, I didn’t even really want lip fillers until an opportunity to get treated by one of New York’s top aesthetic practices landed in my inbox more than two years ago. I was a fresh post-grad who couldn’t afford to throw $800 metaphorically out the window to injections I didn’t even know I would like. So, I went, got poked and prodded, and ended up with the lips of my dreams. Sounds good on the surface, right?

The story should have ended there but, as all things go, after a steady rate of hyaluronic acid lip filler appointments every few months by Instagram-famous doctors, my lips grew lopsided, bumpy, and out of control. After a work trip to South Korea last year where I re-upped my filler in order to correct a few of the flaws I self-consciously pointed out every time I looked in the mirror, I ended up—in my eyes— botched with massively migrated filler.

The experience kickstarted months of late-night research sessions where I decided dissolving my lips was the way to go. Unlike when I got my lips filled though, I knew taking my time to look up every single step in the dissolving lip filler process would be worth it. After months of reading countless Reddit threads and watching hundreds of first-hand testimonials on TikTok and YouTube, I had an idea of what to expect. Let’s be honest though— most people don’t have the luxury to develop a hyper-fixation with every brand of hyaluronidase (the chemical compound that reverses the effects of filler, but more on that later!) approved by the FDA. So, let me be your guinea pig: I got my lips dissolved over the span of a month, and here’s everything I learned.

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(Image credit: @balencianas)

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