How Patrick Swayze Was Honored at ‘Road House’ Remake Premiere

Patrick Swayze Was Honored at Road House Remake Premiere in NYC Be Nice 282
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Patrick Swayze was honored at the New York City premiere of Jake Gyllenhaal‘s Road House remake on Tuesday, March 19.

Before the movie started, a photo of the late actor was shown on the big screen with a tribute reading: “In memory of Patrick Swayze whose legacy of strength and greatness reminds us all to BE NICE.”

The title card is not expected to be on the streaming version, which hits Prime Video on Thursday, March 21.

Swayze, who died of pancreatic cancer in 2009 at 57, starred in 1989’s Road House as a bouncer at a particularly rambunctious bar in the Midwest. Gyllenhaal, 43, plays the role in the sequel. They previously worked together on the 2001 drama Donnie Darko.

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“I mean, from the jump, from the moment I met Patrick — we worked on the movie Donnie Darko — and from all the scenes we filmed and throughout the years, him and his wife, Lisa [Niemi] — and even Lisa to this day — have been just loving and supportive,” Gyllenhaal told Entertainment Tonight at the premiere. “I mean, they were just such a beautiful couple. I think he was raised in that sort of theatrical dancing ensemble idea, and he always brought that to the groups that he worked with and brought that to me. He would just, I mean, so many different times just … they’re kind, giving. That was his spirit.”

Earlier this month, the actor took to Instagram to reflect on Swayze’s generosity while sharing a throwback photo of the pair.

Patrick Swayze Was Honored at Road House Remake Premiere in NYC Be Nice 283
Aaron Rapoport/Corbis/Getty Images

“I’ve been thinking back about my time working with Patrick on Donnie Darko, and rewatching this great man in the original Road House plus so many other films. I’ve never stopped being a fan,” Gyllenhaal wrote on March 3. “He was such a talent and I continue to have so much respect and admiration for what he put out and into the world. I’ll never forget his kindness to me when I was starting out — he didn’t have to take the time, but he always did.”

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Gyllenhaal hopes that his remake is one Swayze would’ve enjoyed. He added, “We’ve made a different RH this time around, but hoping it’s one he would’ve had fun watching!”

The story in the remake is not identical to the original. Gyllenhaal plays a former UFC fighter hired as a bouncer in the Florida Keys.

Patrick Swayze Was Honored at Road House Remake Premiere in NYC Be Nice 284
Laura Radford/Prime Video

“[Honoring Swayze] was important to me. He originated the character and I wanted to bring it through,” Gyllenhaal said at the film’s premiere in London earlier this week, per Reuters.

The star added, “Patrick was always so lovely to me, so supportive at the beginning of my career. I carried with me some of the tattoos, we designed some tattoos in honor of him, just because I really loved him.”

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