House of the Dragon Breakout Phia Saban Is a Chloë Sevigny Girlie

In the Max series House of the Dragon, Helaena Targaryen is by all accounts an eccentric. She is the family outcast. The only daughter of Alicent Hightower and King Viserys I, Helaena mostly keeps to herself, loves her books and bugs, often speaks in a cryptic language, and has been known to predict future events. Unfortunately, nobody is listening. It was a character emerging English actor Phia Saban could easily sink her teeth into, one she understood immediately.

When Saban joined HOTD at the end of season one, it was during a pivotal time jump in the story. Her version of Princess Helaena was six years older, no less peculiar, and thrust into adulthood by marrying her brother in a strategic move to protect the family line. It was an early glimpse into a dark future for the young royal. Those last three episodes presented an exciting moment for the next-gen cast to come in and bring a new energy to the series. They would also prove majorly influential in setting up what is undoubtedly a breakout performance for Saban.