Here's What the Coolest Dressers I Know Will Be Wearing During Fashion Month

Though the shows have already come and gone in cities such as Copenhagen, Oslo, and Tokyo, officially speaking, fashion month won’t begin until the festivities kick off in New York City later this week. But just because the start date is in the future doesn’t mean that planning hasn’t been going on for weeks—months—in preparation for the biannual event. Part of that pre-show prep is the curation of wardrobe items and outfits, all of which will be debuted on the streets of NYC, London, Milan, and Paris in the coming weeks. 

To get a sneak peek at the garments, accessories, and shoes that’ll be showing face throughout the month, I called on a few of the coolest dressers in the business, from content creators to editors, and asked them to share a bit about the pieces they’re planning on wearing. Scroll down to find out what fashion‘s best dressed crowd has lined up for the next four weeks before anyone else. 

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