Henry Thomas recalls ‘E.T. ‘as the film turns 40

“E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial celebrates its 40th Anniversary. Henry Thomas, who played Elliott in the film’s production, is reflecting on the movie.

Thomas spoke as the updated 4K Ultra HD version was released. This bonus footage includes 45 minutes of Steven Spielberg-directed classic.

Thomas stated that he initially didn’t get the alien who had come to Elliott’s house.

Thomas said that he recalled being a child and was very interested in ‘Star Wars,’ and ‘Indiana Jones. “I was given a script to read and I thought there wasn’t laser fighting. There are no starships, battles, or fights.”

It works. He said that it works in some way.

He didn’t see E.T. until he saw it. Thomas stated that he thought the idea of “a guy with a finger which can heal you” was silly until he saw E.T. The actor explained that he was able to see the truth because Spielberg made it all so real.

Thomas stated that Thomas was able “to talk to you and make it feel like you were a peer” and not feel like you were being talked down to, which is very important for kids. “Especially when you are a child in an adult world and an adult job.

Thomas said that he hasn’t seen “E.T.” for 20 years, but he knows why the movie endures.

He said, “It speaks about our universal human compassion.” And we all have it. The nurturer is something we all have, right? It speaks to that. It reminds us of our youth.

Thomas stated that he is still recognized as the “E.T” boy, but doesn’t mind. It was more difficult when he was young, and it was even more challenging when strangers from all over the globe started to say hello.

“Suddenly, it was clear that I wasn’t anonymous anymore. Thomas said that it was a strange feeling for him as a boy. “There was a book called “Never Talk to Strangers” that taught you to not talk to strangers. It also advised you to avoid talking to people that aren’t your relatives or parents.

After getting over his shock at fame, he discovered that E.T. and the film’s producer were wonderful people to be associated with.

Thomas stated that if the film were bad and universally hated, people wouldn’t be

discussing it 40 years later. “But people also associate me with this great character. This kind of cool, rebellious young man, and that’s great.”

The new movie features include never-before-seen footage and a look back at the film, “40 Years Of E.T.” The Extra-Terrestrial” and “TCM Classic Film Festival: An Evening with Steven Spielberg” are additional bonus features. Interviews with the cast and crew, as well as a discussion with John Williams about John Williams’ famous score, are included.

Thomas stated that he is aware of the special nature of “E.T.”

He said, “It’s a rare and special thing to be part of, and it’s so much more enjoyable now that I know how rare is it to have a successful career in this industry.” “Most films are forgotten after a few years. This one stayed.

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