Hate Foundation? These Are the 22 Best Tinted Moisturisers for a Natural Finish

I have a thing for multitasking products. Maybe it’s the freelancer in me. I mean, why do one thing when you can do two to three at the same time? It’s probably why I love tinted moisturisers so much. They help you on your way to even tone but also keep skin moisturised and glowy all day.

They also lean towards the more natural side of the makeup spectrum, which is what I prefer on a day-to-day basis—like an ever-so-slightly elevated version of myself. There are a lot of tinted SPFs available now, but if you’re specifically looking for a hint of coverage but a lot of hydration, a tinted moisturiser is your best option. BB creams, while very similar, are a little heavier in coverage, more like a foundation with a bit of hydration. And CC creams are even close to foundations on the coverage spectrum and mainly offer colour-correction benefits.

In the summer, when you want to apply fewer products, a really hydrating tinted moisturiser can replace your traditional moisturiser so you’re not layering too many steps. So your routine would look like this: cleanser, serum, SPF and then tinted moisturiser. Because despite having skincare benefits, this still sits firmly in your makeup bag and therefore should always be applied over your SPF.

If you’re on the hunt for the best tinted moisturiser, I’ve tried a lot, and these without doubt at the ones I recommend time after time.


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