Give Racism the Shaft: Expert Says Banning Biological Males From Women's Showers Is White Supremacy

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An expert on gender has urgent news: Fiendish forces are fueling sexual segregation.

In a recent paper for the Journal of Gender Studies, Oxford Brookes University researcher Helen Clarke pinpoints the problem with believing genital differences should result in mutually exclusive spaces. If you think women deserve to take showers without the presence of unfamiliar males, it turns out you’re sexist.

Just joking; you’re racist.

Helen pegs an ongoing argument — in the United Kingdom, but her analysis applies broadly to the West:

Public toilets, changing rooms, refuges and other spaces deemed “female-only” have become contested grounds: Gender-critical feminists argue that some predatory men masquerade as women merely to access these spaces…

Might the argument, rather, be against males of any sort — predatory or otherwise — moving into private female areas? According to Helen, no. Sadly, anti-inclusive opposition demands “the exclusion of trans women to protect (cis) women’s safety.”

This sinister seeking of safety comprises a colossal campaign:

Self-described “gender-critical” feminism, a movement that campaigns to exclude trans women from cis women’s spaces, is now hugely influential in…politics and culture.

Helen bullseyes a particular enemy to naked, sudsy inclusion: the sans-trans LGB Alliance, which “reinforces trans-hostile imaginaries, seeking to exclude trans women from queer spaces by presenting them as a threat to (cis) lesbians.”

Indeed, the LGB Alliance “functions as an example of the mechanisms through which trans lesbians and trans gay men are constructed as ‘falsely’ claiming a label of homosexuality.”

Again, could non-woke women’s stance actually be that — altogether apart from sexual cravings — all unencumbered, scuttling scrotums are unwelcome where undressed ovary owners trod? 


Meanwhile, the LGB Alliance is “(re)producing harmful discourses” that “hinder progress towards LGBTQ+ equality.”

Maybe worst of all, the goal of shunning scepters and rejecting jewels — or even prohibiting prostates — is white supremacy:

[L]GB Alliance can be understood as deploying strategies of heteroactivism and political whiteness. 

In women’s locker rooms, let the liberating bell of gender justice divulge its “dong.” Alternately, we’re wrecked by colonizing racism:

Sex/gender normativity is discursively framed through specific configurations of gender, race and class, including visual codes determined by biological and cultural standards that are, ultimately, a product of colonial/racial science.

If you’re unfamiliar with political whiteness, enjoy an explainer:

[Political whiteness] operates as a form of property, in which unearned social, economic and material benefits awarded to particular groups of white people are jealously guarded as possessions, their privileges and rewards reconfigured as “natural” entitlements to justify their accumulation and bequeathment to succeeding generations.

Are you wrapped in ebony epidermis? No matter — if you oppose co-genital community bathing, in the words of Joe Biden, “You ain’t black.” At a minimum, you’re passively pale:

[Nonwhites] can become passive participants in this system of white supremacy: Individual people of color who benefit from particular institutional and organizational power may be coded white.

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Or, once more, might it just be that women want protected privacy apart from males? 


And incidentally, “truth” is transphobic:

LGB Alliance deploys heteroactivist strategies, denying accusations of trans-hostility by defending normative relationships and “natural” boundaries. … [LGB Alliance’s] argumentation can be read as operating through a prism of white feminism, in which whiteness is re-centered and the so-called “feminist” values are upheld through a lens of white subjectivity. … LGB Alliance can be understood as deploying strategies of both heteroactivism and political whiteness to argue that the mere act of speaking the “truth” about biological sex is now depicted as leading to “accusations of transphobia.” 

There’s certainly a lot of trans-related phobia going ’round. Irrational fear appears to have gripped the nation; and that fist is calamitously Caucasian:

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Back to Helen, she envisions a bucking of traditional, crotchety concerns:

[L]GB Alliance recounts the anti-gender and gender-critical feminist concern that traditional understandings of sex/gender (that “males don’t have vulvas and females don’t have a penis”) are under attack from “gender ideologists” who seek the eradication of human beings as male or female.

Bottom line, regarding the LGB Alliance and anyone of similar mind:

LGB Alliance can be read as (re)producing harmful discourses related to heteronormativity, racism and classism, ultimately, hinder progress towards LGBTQ+ equality.

Fortunately for the expert, no one she knows — or, at least, knew in 2022 — is on board with KKK-ish exclusion:

Will the West someday see the end of white supremacy’s sex-specific spaces? It seems there’s a good chance. In the meantime, hopefully America can keep its racism to a bare minimum — as bare as the male and female bodies that may eventually fill every ladies’ shower room.


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