Fashion People Will Live In These 9 Specific Jeans Trends This Fall

That’s the beauty of the jeans world as it is now; there are just so many options to choose from. Some might say even too many. Between classic pairs such as Levi’s 501s and Re/Done’s Stove Pipe jeans to the arguably more polarizing styles that have resurged thanks to the enduring Y2K aesthetic—here’s looking at you, low-risers—the denim market has never been quite so booming or, depending on how you look at it, daunting. 

You’ll have found yourself here via two avenues: 1) the headline piqued your interest as you scrolled social media/Apple News or 2) you Googled “jeans trends 2023.” I know many of you will have done so by way of the latter, so you’ll be please to know I’m here to do just that: show you the best and most noteworthy jeans trends of 2023. From pairs that began trending last year that are still major contenders to the styles that feel brand-new and fresh, scroll on for my list of the nine jeans trends that are set to dominate the next six months at least. 

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