Fashion Editors Are Scrambling to Get Their Hands on These 5 Chic Sandal Trends Right Now

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Whether in our shared Slack channels, sharing our latest buys, or even sharing runway or Insta looks that caught our eye recently, it’s quite clear when a Who What Wear fashion editor is beelining towards a particular trend. Beyond that, we can clearly see when others in the fashion editor space are championing certain pieces as well through social media. This season, we all seem to have our eyes set on upping our sandal game as evidenced by the endless buzz around a select set of sandal trends.

Whether it’s a fun jelly sandal, a heeled flip-flop or a sleek slingback style, you better believe we will be showing off our latest scores the minute we get our hands on them. Ahead, shop five sandals trends that fashion editors are scrambling to get their hands on this season, plus check out some visual outfit inspiration for chic ways to wear each style. I recommend you don’t hesitate in scooping up your favorites since many of these sandals are selling out fast.

Kitten-Heel Mule Sandals

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Jelly Sandals

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Slingback Sandals

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Sculptural Metal-Detailed Sandals

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Heeled Flip-Flop Sandals

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