Don't They Have Better Things to Do? Ohio Lawmakers Argue Over State Fish.

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Apparently, Ohio’s state legislature has solved every pressing problem facing the Buckeye State, because now they are wrangling over the designation of a state fish.

Yes, really.

An effort to name a state fish has had a multi-year battle since 2003, with lawmakers recently making waves.

State representatives in Ohio passed a bill Wednesday to declare “The fish, sander vitreus, commonly known as the ‘walleye,’ [as] the official fish of the state,” the legislation said.

Walleye fish are abundant in Lake Erie and can be found upstream to the first dam in several of the larger tributaries to the lake, according to the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (Ohio DNR).

Walleyes, I can attest from personal experience, are lovely eating and fun to catch, being a strong fish that puts up a decent fight. But I am forced to speculate as to why this is a priority; this isn’t the sole problem facing Ohio right now, although we can hope the state’s lawmakers are capable of dealing with more than one issue at a time without floundering. But this has to be down near the bottom of the priority list, which may be why we’re only herring about it now.

The Governor, at least, is not being koi about his support for the measure.

Governor Mike DeWine would sign such a bill if it reached his desk, a representative in the governor’s office told Fox News Digital in an email.

It’s good, we can suppose, that on this matter Governor DeWine does not feel himself to be between a rock and a hard plaice.

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Harpooned! Dispute Over Biggest Fish Grows… Pointed

It seems the Midwest in general is struggling with the lack of designated state fish. Perhaps their net income isn’t high enough.

Indiana reportedly is another state without an official state fish. 

As for Iowa, legislation to designate an official state fish was introduced earlier this year. The unofficial state fish of Iowa is currently the Iowa darter.

I am unfamiliar with the Iowa darter despite having grown up in that state, although I admit I did a fair amount of darting about myself, oftentimes dodging the local constabulary or the fathers of certain young ladies of the area, who all seemed to think I was up to something fishy. I don’t recall any effort by the Iowa legislature in those years to designate a state fish, although I’m sure they took the time to mullet over. Ohio, at least, has done a great job, even if we are kraken up at their priorities.

As most of you who have been reading my work know, I’m fond of covering politics as it involves the natural world, so let minnow if you are aware of any news items that deserve coverage. Rest assured I’ll take the bait.

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