Donald Trump Has a Superb Saturday in Michigan Winning Almost 98 Percent of Caucus Goers

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Michigan, oh my Michigan, you are a feckless little….. 

My home state of Michigan yesterday held a district caucus in Grand Rapids just a week after having a primary where the unwashed masses gave a resounding victory to former President Donald Trump.

Trump killed it in the primary last Tuesday and again in the district caucuses Saturday to earn 51 of 55 delegates for the GOP national convention this summer in Milwaukee.

My colleague Becca Lower covered the caucus part yesterday right here.

Trump Takes Missouri Caucuses, Michigan GOP Convention Awards Him With More Delegates Saturday

Now, the Michigan Republican Party did hold a primary earlier this week, which the former president won going away, with 68.1 percent of the vote to former UN ambassador Nikki Haley’s 26.5 percent—a margin of more than 40 points. Trump garnered 16 delegates.

On Saturday, the Michigan GOP Convention added to that total, awarding Trump 39 delegates with his victory there: 

Trump coasted to victory on Tuesday during the Michigan GOP primary, which awards 16 delegates, beating her by 40 points. Republicans also held a convention on Saturday, which awards 39 delegates, after Democrats changed the date of the primary. 

DDHQ estimated by Saturday afternoon that the former president won all 39 delegates in the GOP convention.

The state of Michigan has been goofed up a tad bit lately.

Because of some confusion between DNC and RNC rules, the Michigan Republican party was not allowed to hold a primary before March 1st without a penalty being levied. So, a compromise was struck with the RNC last year that if Michigan Republicans had a primary and a meeting of District Committee caucuses, none of the 55 delegates slated from Michigan who would be able to go to Milwaukee this summer to nominate a person for president would be penalized, which is why Michigan held for this election cycle both a primary and a meeting of the district chairs to do a combined method of selecting delegates.

Out of everything that’s going on in Michigan with the GOP this past year, this is the most sane thing ever. Here is a brief breakdown of how the party has fared over the past few months with legal and chairman fights:

Hoekstra, whose chairmanship of the state party was further strengthened Tuesday when a judge issued a preliminary ruling that Karamo had been lawfully removed from the top party post, said breakaway delegates were free to meet Saturday in Houghton Lake and Battle Creek, as their district chairs announced they were invited to do, but only the delegates elected in Grand Rapids Saturday will be seated at the Republican National Convention in Milwaukee in July.

Even before Kent County Circuit Judge Joseph Rossi ruled against Karamo in a protracted party leadership dispute, Hoekstra was recognized as state chair by the Republican National Committee, which will run the national convention.

Karamo had planned her own caucus/convention Saturday in Detroit, but that was canceled Friday in light of the judge’s ruling.

I will be writing more on this later because it’s hard to encapsulate a whole year of activity and malfeasance into one article about how Donald Trump is currently the overall favorite of people who call themselves Republicans in the state of Michigan.

The Michigan Republican Party is currently divided in a number of ways. Still, the one thing that you can categorically say that they almost all agree on is that they want Donald Trump back in the White House on January 20th, 2025. I have written here at RedState and talked about on my WAAM Radio 1600 AM radio show and 92.7 FM that I had little hope for any Republican to win statewide here in November of 2024.

However, if there’s even a remote shot of that happening, the first step is to find the ground level that most people who call themselves Republicans can agree on. Donald Trump, who during his time in politics has been quite divisive around the country, seems to have a lock on those who call themselves Republicans here in the Great Lakes State.

If the new Michigan GOP chairman Pete Hoekstra can turn this around by the end of the year, it will be a miracle worth considering sainthood.

If you live here, you know that is no understatement.

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