David Letterman Champions Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s Romance

David Letterman Loves Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce — Even if He Forgets Travis’ Name

David Letterman, Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce.
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David Letterman proved he’s just like Us with his love for Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce — even if he can’t remember the NFL star’s name.

“Now, here’s Taylor Swift, who is a glowing bright light of goodness in the world,” Letterman, 76, said in a video posted via Instagram on Sunday, January 28. “And she starts dating Kelsey Grammer.”

Letterman was quickly cut off by someone in the background who clarified that Swift, 34, is not dating the Frasier actor, 68. The former Late Night with David Letterman host appeared unphased by the correction as he continued with his spiel.

While Letterman did briefly correct himself, calling Kelce, 34, by the right name as noted that some fans have expressed they “don’t want Taylor in football,” he quickly reverted back to the wrong one at the end of the clip.

“This is such a lovely thing. Shut up!” he said. “It’s good for the footballers. It’s good for Taylor Swift, and it’s something positive and happy for the world. … So God bless Taylor Swift and Kelsey Grammer.”

Since Swift became linked to Kelce during summer 2023, the NFL has embraced her connection to the game. The league has used her music for promos, made puns about the Kansas City Chiefs tight end’s stats with references to her songs and frequently showed her reactions to his performance on the football field.

David Letterman Loves Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce — Even if He Forgets Travis’ Name
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With this continued attention, some have vocalized their opinion about her negative effect on the NFL. But others, including former Houston Texans players J.J. Watt, feel otherwise.

“I think it’s great. I can’t understand why people are so upset about it,” Watt, 34, exclusively told Us Weekly earlier this month. “I mean, they show celebrities at games all the time. Don’t act like we don’t show male celebrities at games all the time. I don’t really understand why it’s caused such an uproar.”

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Taylor Swift has loved being the girl in the bleachers amid her blossoming romance with Travis Kelce. The “Anti-Hero” singer made her first appearance at a Kansas City Chiefs game in September 2023, watching them defeat the Chicago Bears from the Kelce family’s private suite. After cheering alongside the tight end’s mom, Donna Kelce, she […]

Swift, for her part, weighed in on the attention in December 2023, explaining that she doesn’t know when she’s being shown on the screen at Chiefs games.

“I don’t know how they know what suite I’m in. There’s a camera, like, a half-mile away, and you don’t know where it is, and you have no idea when the camera is putting you in the broadcast, so I don’t know if I’m being shown 17 times or once,” Swift said in her TIME Person of the Year cover story. “I’m just there to support Travis. I have no awareness of if I’m being shown too much and pissing off a few dads, Brads and Chads.”

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