D.C. Drivers and Police Have Had Enough With Climate Activists Blocking Road

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Climate activists have been stepping up their actions of late, both in Europe and in this country. 

We reported on Monday how rangers from the Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe were not playing around when climate activists blocked the road into the Burning Man festival that was on tribal land, backing it up for miles. Drivers also gave the activists a piece of their minds and tried to remove the blockade. The activists didn’t seem to care about the emissions they were causing or how they might be hurting others with their actions. But they found out it wasn’t a good thing to do it on tribal land. 

There was another exchange over the weekend where drivers being blocked had had enough of it all. Will Allen-Dupraw of News to Share caught the action herePeople had to go to work and this was the third time in a week the activists blocked roads in the area, and they were furious. 

The activists were lined up across the road with banners, and an Asian man ripped one of the banners out of their hands and threw Ito to the ground. “I want to go to work!” he shouted in exasperation at the activists. Then he ripped more banners out of their hands and threw them to the ground as well. Both he and a female driver excoriated the activists, with the female driver saying the activists “didn’t give a f**k” about them having to go to work. She went right up into one of the activists’ faces and yelled about having to work (subtext: I’m not sitting in the street like you, I work), and said she had “kids to feed.” The woman then pointed out that they were achieving nothing by this action. Except ticking off people in D.C. The activists were alienating and losing people in an area that might generally be supportive of them, in addition to increasing the emissions by blocking the road. As one of the other drivers said the activists weren’t convincing anyone with all this, “This makes no sense.” 

Usually, the police in the area give these characters three warnings. But it looks like the police had had enough here, too. 

First, they recognized someone who had been involved in one of the earlier actions blocking the road and arrested that person. You can see that here. “You’re under arrest for contempt of court!” a Metropolitan Police Department officer declared, as they handcuffed the guy. Drivers then cheered as the guy was taken away. 

But the police weren’t done yet. They said that this time, the activists weren’t getting the three warnings that they might normally give them, they were getting one. As the activists stood up, an officer came over and said they were all under arrest. 

One activist complained that they hadn’t been given their “proper warnings,” to which the police responded that they didn’t have to. They weren’t playing. They not only arrested all the activists, they arrested their police liaison as well. 

That’s the way to deal with it, and we’re going to see more and more of this response, even in places like D.C. 

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