Cega Unveils Innovative DeFi Shark Fin Products

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Singapore, Singapore, June 25th, 2024, Chainwire

Cega, a leader in DeFi structured investment products, is thrilled to announce the launch of its latest offering—Shark Fin vaults. 

Cega aims to address a gap in the market for conservative investors and DeFi lenders that want to outperform existing lending rates, while protecting their principal and maintaining a delta-neutral profile. The “Bull Shark” vaults deliver on both these objectives. In addition, Cega supports deposits of native assets or staked assets for investors looking to keep their upside potential.

The innovative Bull Shark BTC and Bull Shark ETH vaults offer 100% principal-protected notes with lending and options components that seeks to deliver a high bonus yield and guaranteed minimum yield, regardless of market swings or downturns.

Introducing Bull Shark BTC and Bull Shark ETH

Cega’s new investment products bring the traditional “Shark Note strategy to the DeFi cryptocurrency market. Both the Bull Shark BTC and Bull Shark ETH vaults offer:

  1. 100% Principal Protection – Deposited funds principal-guaranteed. 
  2. Guaranteed Yield – Users can earn a potential minimum guaranteed yield. 
  3. High Bonus Payouts – Opportunity to earn higher APYs if crypto prices stay within a predetermined range upon maturity.
  4. Strong Backtesting – Past backtests reflect high probability of receiving bonus “in-fin” payout.
  5. Maintain Upside – Users can deposit and potentially earn in the same crypto asset, preserving their upside potential on ETH, stETH, or stables.

Understanding Shark Notes

There are two main types:

  • Bull Shark Note – Provides participation in price increases with capital protection.
  • Bear Shark Note – Linked to price decreases with similar capital protection.

Cega’s inaugural launch of Shark Fin products features two Bull-type shark notes. The protocol plans to continually expand product offerings to provide investors with infinite views on the market. 

About Cega 

Cega is a DeFi structured investments platform that tailors TradFi’s investment strategies for the DeFi marketplace. To date, the project is responsible for nearly $500 million worth of trading volume.

Championing transparency, security, accessibility, and potentially high-yield opportunities, Cega seeks to represent the vanguard of the next evolution in decentralized finance.

The protocol is backed by top investors including Dragonfly Capital and Pantera Capital. 

Connect with Cega

For more information, users can check Cega’s website as well as its Discord and X page.

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