Bombshell: Listen to What CNN's Erin Burnett Just Admitted About Biden Knowing the Debate Questions

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Joe Biden was just an utter train wreck in the debate. 

He started out like he was on speed, and it sounded like he had memorized the answers he was trying to give, although they all came out in a jumble. 

But if he was memorizing answers, that would suggest that he might know what the questions were. And at times, particularly in the beginning, it sounded like he did know what was coming. 

Now that’s going to get even more questions after what CNN’s Erin Burnett admitted during a discussion afterward about how badly Biden did. 

She said he went through six days of preparation but was corrected by Chris Wallace that it was actually more than a week. “They know the rules,” she said. “He practices with the mics. He knows every one of these questions is coming and yet he couldn‘t fill the time.”

Wait, what? He “knows every one of these questions is coming?” Really? 

Is that an admission they gave him the questions? Please clarify, Erin Burnett. Did someone tell him about every one of these queries? Are we talking about something similar to the Donna Brazile situation when she tipped off then-candidate Hillary Clinton about what was coming? 

CNN needs to answer up about this comment. 

But whether Trump had them or not, even Burnett had to admit even with all that preparation, Biden couldn’t measure up. She outlined some of the excuses now being spread, including that he had a “cold.” And as CNN’s Chris Wallace even admitted, the problem was that he simply wasn’t capable. The number of people who think he’s compromised is going to skyrocket after this debate. Even with everything, all the help and all the prep, he still wasn’t able to deliver. It was so bad they couldn’t pretend otherwise. 

Now there’s already talk of replacement. But they put themselves in this situation, so they deserve the implosion and the mess they are in. I hope every American realizes what the Democrats wanted to foist on us, all of them knowing the issues but thinking that control was more important than the safety of the country. 


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