Big oil and the future of mobility

This Automotive World report explores the ways in which Big Oil is resisting, adapting to, and embracing the zero emission vision of mobility

special report materials and the vehicle of the future

The future of Big Oil’s relationship with the automotive industry is under scrutiny following global markets’ ambitious net zero targets and the rise of electric vehicles. Oil companies are reluctant to abandon their core business, and most do not expect a major change in the near future. However, investments in charging infrastructure and synthetic fuels indicate that some players have their eyes on the future. Surviving in the e-mobility era could depend on embracing a portfolio of energy solutions outside of oil.

In this report:

  • Executive Summary
  • Has the energy crisis slowed Big Oil’s clean transition?
  • Patents suggest Big Oil remains committed to ICE fuels
  • Could a rift be forming between Big Oil and OEMs?
  • Energy services for new mobility: spotlight on Shell
  • Synthetic fuel can only occupy a “niche” in automotive
  • EV charging is a “core business” in BP’s transition strategy
  • Big Oil carbon off-setting: solution or stalling?

‘Special report: Big Oil and the future of mobility’ presents insight from:

  • BP Pulse
  • Centre on Regulation in Europe
  • Economist Intelligence Unit
  • Gartner
  • Reddie & Grose
  • Shell
  • TechInsights
  • Transport & Environment
  • Versinetic

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