Biden Releases His March Madness Brackets, but He Makes a Rather Embarrassing Mistake

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Let’s just face it. In addition to the incoherence and the mental deterioration that we see from Joe Biden, he has horrible policies and he’s just not very bright. 

As Barack Obama’s Secretary of Defense Robert Gates said, Biden had gotten foreign policy wrong for forty years. Add ten more years on to that and it’s still true. But it’s not just foreign policy, as we’ve seen. Biden has horrible domestic policy as well. 

As Biden proved on Wednesday, he couldn’t do something as simple as filling out his NCAA women’s basketball brackets without an embarrassing problem. 

“Folks, it’s time for college basketball’s biggest tournament. I wish the best of luck to all the teams competing. I’m picking South Carolina Women’s Basketball to win it all, and in the Men’s bracket the Huskies to go back-to-back,” Biden wrote. 

But there was a small problem. The above tweet is the final one. Biden posted his brackets, then four hours later, deleted it, then posted it again, then deleted it again. That was likely because he misspelled Stanford as “Standford” on multiple lines in the women’s division since he had them going to the final four. He also had West Virginia spelled wrong. He didn’t appear to get it correct until the third time posting it. 

This isn’t the first time that Biden was revealed to have a spelling issue. The Hur Report embarrassingly revealed that Biden didn’t know how to spell Afghanistan, despite selling himself as a foreign policy expert and having very strong feelings on the war there that he wrangled with Barack Obama over. 

Biden spelled the word Afghanastan at least since 1980. That was how they knew that the documents were handled by Biden because it had his unique spelling on the folder. Biden wanted people to think he knew more about Afghanistan than Barack Obama did. But that says so much about Biden that he couldn’t bother to get something like that right. 

It also says so much about Biden that this is on what he’s concentrating — basketball — when he has a crisis at the border. But he can’t be bothered to deal with it and just wants to try to blame his political opponents for it. This shows exactly where his priorities are — not with the defense of the American people and the country. 

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