Biden Pursues Vindicitive 'Remain in Texas' Immigration Policy as the Statue of Liberty Weeps

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On Wednesday, Mayor Eric Adams decried the influx of illegal immigrants coming to New York, claiming that the “migrants” would destroy his city. He cited a budget deficit of $12 billion as officials struggle to house and transport those who have arrived via the bussing campaigns of Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis. 

Perhaps the Biden administration heard his cries, but instead of doing the rational thing, i.e. securing the border, the president is considering a vindictive “Remain in Texas” policy. 

This may be the largest example of NIMBYism in American history. Democrats are happy to have illegal immigrants flood border states, but the moment those illegal immigrants head to liberal playgrounds in the Northeast, suddenly they want to put in place policies to stop it. The Statue of Liberty is weeping right now, at least according to the rhetoric left-wingers have used in the past. I don’t recall the poem at the base reading “give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, except they have to stay in El Paso.”

Adams complained about having to absorb 120,000 illegals in his speech. That’s nothing compared to what Texas has had to deal with, yet Biden’s idea is to overwhelm the state even further. Why? Because Biden has never cared what happens to people in red states. It’s the same reason he still hasn’t visited East Palestine, OH, but he’s on the ground within days of any mass shooting that occurs. Everything for the president is about politics, to the extent that he can’t even process such matters anymore. 

With that said, there’s every reason to believe a “Remain in Texas” policy would be completely ineffective. How exactly would the administration even enforce that? CBP and ICE are already facing massive manpower shortages. Those agencies don’t have the time to monitor released illegal immigrants to make sure they don’t take a Greyhound to New York or Massachusetts. 

Again, the solution remains simple: Secure the border. 

In the meantime, Abbott and other Republican governors should keep the bussing campaign going. Biden may not even have the power to contain illegal immigrants in Texas. Push the issue. Keep the pressure on. Continue to make Democrats face the consequences of the policies they support.

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