Biden Administration Threatens to Veto GOP Defense Bill Over Lack of DEI and LGBT Friendliness

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That’s right, Joe Biden is threatening to veto defense bills because they aren’t gay enough. 

In a statement over the bill, H.R. 8774, or the “Department of Defense Appropriations Act,” the House was given notice that if the bill arrives on his desk, Biden will veto it. 


For every leftist reason under the sun, including the fact that it’s not DEI enough, it’s not LGBT friendly enough, and it harms access to “reproductive healthcare”: 

The draft bills also include numerous, partisan policy provisions with devastating consequences for the readiness and wellbeing of America’s military and their families, including harming access to reproductive healthcare, threatening the health and safety of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer, and Intersex (LGBTQI+) Americans, endangering marriage equality, restricting telework for Defense Department employees, including a critical retention tool for military spouses working for the Federal Government, hindering critical climate change initiatives, and preventing the Administration from promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion, which make the Nation’s military a more ready and lethal force.

What does the bill do? 

H.R. 8774 allocates funds to pay for allowances and other expenses to military personnel across all branches of the military. This means travel, clothing, and other necessary expenses. It also allows for research and development such as funding AI and machine learning development for military platforms as well as research on traumatic brain injuries and drones.

Further, it puts restrictions on foreign matters such as activities related to Guantánamo Bay detainees and various operations in Gaza. The bill also has amendments that require reporting on Ukrainian officials that violate U.S. agreements for assistance and prohibiting funds for maps that depict Taiwan as part of China. 

Let’s pretend Democrats don’t have a problem with the Ukraine part and focus on the Democrat Party’s complaint. 

The bill reduces funding for DEI programs and cuts healthcare for transgender service members including “gender-affirming healthcare,” including limits on hormone therapy and surgical procedures. Moreover, it restricts funds for Pride Month celebrations. 

It gets even better, as H.R. 8774 would also restrict use of DOD funds for abortions, nor does it allow any of these funds to be used to tackle the “climate crisis” here or abroad.

All of this apparently crosses the line for Democrats, who are more than happy to throw taxpayer dollars (your money) at things like parties to celebrate homosexuality and lopping off body parts for mentally ill service members according to the Biden administration: 

“The Administration strongly opposes section 8153, as it contradicts Executive Order (EO) 14004, “Enabling All Qualified Americans to Serve Their Country in Uniform,” and EO 13988, “Preventing and Combating Discrimination on the Basis of Gender Identity or Sexual Orientation,” which expands the discrimination protections previously offered solely on the basis of sex into the categories of gender identity and sexual orientation,” OMB stated.

As RedState reported, the military has become a “vast DEI bureaucracy” according to the Center for American Institutions. Former Space Commander Matt Lohmeier didn’t mince words when he talked about how destructive DEI has been on recruitment and military readiness: 

“It’s no surprise that young people are turning away from military service in record numbers. As this comprehensive report illuminates, DEI indoctrination has become a core component of military training that begins for officers even at the service academies. How can we be prepared to confront our adversaries if our warfighters aren’t laser-focused on the mission but instead are divided and distracted by ideology?”

Since Biden’s election, DEI projects have soaked up millions in taxpayer dollars, going from $68 million in 2022 to $114.7 million in 2024. The money goes to provide “tool kits” for command to have “training” for things like “Courageous conversations” about topics like white privilege and racial bias. The people in charge are no longer concerned with developing a fighting force, but turning the military into another carrier of “the message.” 

Bills like H.R. 8774 would be a step into turning our military back into a serious organization, but then again, we don’t have a serious president. 

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