Below Deck's Laura Bileskalne Denies Being Inappropriate Toward Adam Kodra

Below Deck Down Under s Laura Claims She Didn t Act Inappropriately Toward Adam Before Being Fired 299

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Laura Bileskalne is addressing how her interactions with Adam Kodra led to her departure from Below Deck Down Under.

During the Monday, November 6, episode of the “Miss Understood” podcast, Laura admitted she had regrets about how she approached the guys on board after watching season 2.

“They can’t show completely everything wrong about me. I can’t say that. I saw it,” she said of her numerous advances toward Adam. “I had to think about it because I didn’t want to come across [overly aggressive], and I straightaway apologized to Adam.”

Laura, however, claimed she was on the same page with Adam regarding their interest in each other.

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“[The show] also exaggerated that, because he came to me in the same way. Or not in the same way, but in the same amount of interest,” she alleged. “There were two times that I came to him to ask if I was too much for him. I was giving him the opportunity to say anything. But he was this kind and polite guy, he probably didn’t want to upset me.”

The Below Deck spinoff made headlines in August when Luke Jones was fired by Captain Jason Chambers for climbing into Margot Sisson‘s bed naked when the power went out on the boat. Producers stepped in after Luke tried to make a move on Margot, which left him visibly upset. He was sent to a hotel before being officially dismissed the next morning.

Laura found herself in hot water as well when she defended Luke, which prompted costar Aesha Scott to tell Jason about the second stew’s lack of boundaries with Adam. The captain confirmed with Adam that Laura made him feel uncomfortable, which led to her firing as well.

While reflecting on the events from season 2, Laura questioned Adam’s comments because their friendship allegedly continued once she left the boat.

Below Deck Down Under s Laura Claims She Didn t Act Inappropriately Toward Adam Before Being Fired 298

“[The confessional] was not during the show. That was after [the consent incident] was already a thing, and they needed him to comment on it,” she claimed. “Me and Adam never had a problem and we spoke after the show. I said, ‘I’m sorry this looks so bad,’ and he said, ‘Don’t worry about it.’ We are good. We don’t talk that much, but he did accept my apology. I learned from that more.”

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Laura went on to share her side of the story about the time producers asked her to leave Adam’s room — which happened the same night that Luke appeared in Margot’s cabin without consent. According to Laura, she had a conversation with Adam in the hot tub about his back pain, and he agreed to let her give him a massage.

“We went to his cabin and we were going together. This was not like the other situation where someone went in uninvited,” she claimed. “We went in together, and I did not even give him the massage.”

Laura continued: “I intended to, but then with different events happening on the boat — unfortunately at exactly that time — people were asked to go back to their own cabin. And it was exactly when I was there.”

In footage from the episode, Laura was in Adam’s room when producers stepped in. She maintained that her presence was welcome there, adding, “It is just unfortunate that it happened at the time when I was in the cabin and he did want that massage. I just didn’t give it to him.”

Adam, for his part, hasn’t addressed his interactions with Laura since the show aired. During a candid conversation with Jason before Laura was let go, Adam acknowledged that he didn’t always welcome the advances.

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“Adam feels uncomfortable with some moments out [with you] and he’s tried to say no. You have not listened to him and his boundaries to be set,” Jason told Laura at the time. “After my multiple speeches with the crew about boundaries and respect, did you not go to Margot and say, ‘Poor Luke. I wish he had come in and seen me?’ You’ve disrespected exactly what I actually set out to do.”

Adam recently took to social media to reflect on his Below Deck experience.

“I still can’t believe this all happened. Got an opportunity to work with some of the best people in the world. Everyone was so nice from the start, my Brooklyn mentality thought I was being set up. It turned out to be one of the most incredible experiences of my life,” he wrote via Instagram in September. “Going into a brand new side of the maritime industry was a big shock, but I had the best people around me to learn from and grow off of. I know I wasn’t the easiest to work with at times. I was constantly being humbled and getting my ego checked, but I’ve learned that’s what keeps me growing as an individual.”

He concluded: “From the producers, captain, crew, everyone that put life into the show behind the scenes, I hope you know how much I, and everyone else appreciates you. This is an experience that I will never forget.”

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