BBC Presenter's Despicable Tweet: 'If I Was Biden I'd Hurry Up and Have Trump Murdered'

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We’ve seen some of the deranged reactions from the left over the Supreme Court’s ruling Monday that a president enjoys immunity for official acts. AOC is threatening to impeach justices, CNN’s Jake Tapper frets that the decision gives the commander-in-chief the authority to assassinate his rivals—a worry parroted by an MSNBC legal analyst—while unhinged commenters on social media advised the president to drone strike Trump.

All in all, a very impressive showing of hysteria by “Democracy-loving” progressives.

Democrats Rip the Mask off, Call for Violence After Thinking the SCOTUS Decisions Gave Them ‘King Biden’

Jake Tapper Fixates on the Idea That SCOTUS Immunity Ruling Means a POTUS Can Assassinate His Rivals

One British Broadcasting Corporation presenter took it to a whole new level, though, openly encouraging Biden to assassinate his rival for the presidency:

David Aaronovitch, who presents BBC Radio 4’s “Briefing Room” programme, had apparently clamoured for the 45th President’s killing online “on the basis that he is a threat to America’s security”.

Posting on social media, Aaronovitch said: “If I was Biden I’d hurry up and have Trump murdered on the basis that he is a threat to America’s security” – sparking instant outrage online.

In response, some claimed the presenter’s post had amounted to an “open call for violence”, with others suggesting “people have had police visits for a lot less”.

Sick stuff.

The criticism came quickly:

One reply from journalist Jack Montgomery accusing the Radio 4 host of “Trump Derangement Syndrome”, prompted Aaronovitch to jab: “Did you see the Supreme Court ruling Jack? Or were you too busy with your head up Nigel Farage’s derriere?”

This guy must be the British version of Keith Olbermann, the former ESPN sportscaster who comes across as so deranged during his vitriolic rants that you fear for his safety when you watch him. (Or should I say, if you were ever to watch Olbermann, which I don’t recommend.)

After widespread outrage, Aaronovitch deleted the tweet 90 minutes after he posted it. As leftists are wont to do, he blamed the right wing for his violent words and ludicrously claimed his post was “plainly a satire.” Sure it was.

Not only was he inciting violence, but he wasn’t even a man enough to stand by his words. “It’s plainly a satire,” my arse (that’s a fancy British word); there was absolutely no satire or humor to his tweet.

The left always presents themselves as tolerant, peace-loving, compassionate folks who are the antithesis of those evil people on the right who want to destroy humanity. However, they’re only tolerant and peaceful when they get their way—but when they don’t agree with something, they very quickly become nasty, violent, and destructive. 

The BBC probably won’t do anything (although I guarantee if this guy were on the right, he’d already be out of a job and in jail right now), but they absolutely should because this violent rhetoric is appalling—the kind that can lead to potentially deadly consequences.

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