Bad Move: Nancy Pelosi Short-Circuits While Trying to Defend Biden

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Ah, it’s been a fun weekend with the Biden team and the Democrats madly scrambling to explain Biden’s problems and their own involvement in trying to cover for him all this time. 

Will he stay in the race? They will probably decide to try to weather the storm with the “one bad day” argument, at least that seems to be where they are now. Because trying to replace him opens up another whole can of worms. They’re caught between the devil and the deep blue sea at this point with a conundrum of their own making. They have a guy who isn’t dependably engaged if it isn’t between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m — so don’t have any world crises outside of those times or when he’s on vacation. Not to mention when he is engaged, he’s a mess. Not to mention all the mess and possible scramble of trying to replace him and then maybe not even having a candidate that anyone would vote for. 

Biden himself is so delusional he’s claimed he converted people to vote for him with that debate. That’s how out of whack he truly is. 


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Democrats are in a panic, not knowing what to do. But maybe when you deploy Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) to help defend Biden on the question of incoherence, someone should have told her maybe that really wasn’t the best idea. 

CNN’s Dana Bash asked her about calls for Biden to step aside from the race, even from The NY Times and from Biden’s friend, Tom Friedman, also a Times columnist. Friedman noted that if Biden loses, Biden and his family — and his staff and party members who enabled him — will not be able to show their faces.” 

Pelosi fell back to the narrative, “We see Biden up close,” as though in private he’s different from the stumbling fool we see in public. It’s just a “bad night” if Biden is incoherent and can’t form sentences. Just ignore the dementia and the failure of his occupation of the Oval Office. And she herself had difficultly even getting out what she wanted to say. So, trying to reinforce incoherent Biden with a slurring, short-circuiting Nancy is not a great move. 

Pelosi claimed that “her people” from Northern and Southern California were all still for Biden and Kamala Harris. 

She said this was an opportunity for Biden to “show his stamina.” Um, Nancy? He already blew that chance. 

And how hilariously desperate is she to then try to claim that Trump has dementia? 

Don’t believe the evidence of your own eyes, she pleads. 

But it isn’t working anymore. 


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