All Needs, No Wants: 65 Essential Pieces to Add to Your Fall Wardrobe

Every time one season turns into another, thousands of new items flood the internet and IRL stores. At the same time, we’re writing what feels like just as many stories dissecting the endless array of options and telling you which ones are worth buying. But rarely do we grant you with one end-all-be-all list for the season, where every last thing you’ll want or need to have in your wardrobe can be found (and purchased). That ends today.

Instead of spending time you probably don’t have sifting through pieces and pieces and pondering what you should or shouldn’t buy, I hand-picked the 65 most important items to fill your closet with for fall, from essentials like layering turtlenecks and tees, vintage denim, and knee-high boots to of-the-moment finds that will perfectly complement those basics. The list below is long, yes, but it’s comprehensive, so once you’ve scrolled through it all, you’re done. Consider every fall wardrobe–related task on your to-do- list complete. 

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