After filming ‘Dumbo’, Tim Burton said he was done working for Disney

Tim Burton suggested that his days with Disney may be over.

Burton, 64 years old, shared his thoughts about the future of the film industry at the

Lumiere Festival, Lyon, France. The filmmaker revealed that the only project on which he is currently working is Netflix’s “Wednesday” — a spin-off series about “The Addams Family”.

Burton said that Disney has become “very homogenized” during a press conference. The studio is not focused on Pixar, Star Wars, or Marvel films.

“It has become very homogenized, extremely consolidated. According to the deadline, he stated that there is less room for different types. He then declared that he would not be working on a Marvel movie.

“I can only deal with one universe.” “I cannot deal with multi-universes,” he stated.

Burton also admitted that he was “fired by the studio” several times in his career.

He said, “My history is that it was there I started.” “I was employed and fired several times in my career at Disney. “Dumbo” is what I consider my time with Disney over.

When I realized I was Dumbo, I realized that I was working in an awful, huge circus. It was time to flee. The movie is an autobiographical film.

Although he decided to quit Disney, the producer of “Nightmare Before Christmas” noted that he has never considered independent film.

“Here is the thing. Independent film, I don’t know. Burton spoke during the press conference, saying that she has only worked with studios and didn’t understand independent films.

Burton started his career with Disney. He was a key figure in the creation of “Stalk of the Celery Monster,” which led to the studio offering him an apprenticeship in animation.

His early work did not make it to the final films.

The director was well-known for his fantasy horror films such as “The Addams Family,” Beetlejuice, and “Edward Scissorhands” after establishing his career. He’s also famous for “Batman”, and “Alice in Wonderland.”

Deadline has reported that “Wednesday”, his latest project will be available on Netflix starting Nov. 23.

Burton, Al Gough, and Miles Millar (creators of “Smallville”) will co-direct the show.

Jenny Ortega stars as Wednesday Addams.

“Wednesday, currently a teenager. whenever saw her before as a teenage girl. She might not be as charming when her snarky, snide remarks come from someone who should know better than a 10-year-old girl. This was a difficult balance. Ortega stated that while we didn’t want her to sound like any other teenage girl, we didn’t want her to be too ignorant.”

“And we’ve never seen them on screen so many times. She’s always been the one-liner at the end of a joke every Wednesday that you’ve seen her on screen, and that’s what people love about her. This show has every scene being Wednesday. It’s possible to give her a little more depth, and she becomes more like a person. I don’t think this has ever been done before.

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