According To A Dermatologist, These Are The Best SPFs For Mature Skin

As a beauty editor, I’m often asked by my female relatives if they should bother wearing SPF. My mum, who is now in her sixties, worshipped the sun during her twenties, thirties and forties, often while wearing a generous layer of baby oil—sometimes even cooking oil — to maximise her tan in the summer. *Shudders*.

Thankfully, we are now much more informed about the dangers of sun damage and skin cancer than back then, and wearing daily SPF is more commonplace now. Alongside the known dangers of the sun, UVA and UVB rays also play a huge part in skin changes such as pigmentation, fine lines, melasma and wrinkles. It’s estimated that around 80-90% of skin ageing is attributed to sun exposure—yet another reason we should be applying SPF daily, even during winter and on cloudy days, and not just in the summer and on holiday.

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Just recently, my grandma spotted the early signs of skin cancer on her nose—which was thankfully treatable and safely removed—and it became a wake-up call for all of the family to be a lot more careful in the sun. In short, it’s never too late to start protecting your skin by wearing a good SPF.

So, what are the best SPFs for mature skin? I enlisted the help of Dr Hiva Fassihi from OneWelbeck Skin Health & Allergy, London, to share how to find the best SPF for your skin, as well as some dermatologist-approved recommendations.

Does mature skin need SPF?

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