'90s Handbag Trends Were Elite—5 Chic Styles I'm Suddenly Seeing Everywhere Again

Personally, I’m all for nostalgia. If I’m picking the film, it’s probably going to be an early 2000s or 80s rom-com. I’ve watched re-runs of Friends and Sex and The City more times than I’d like to count. And recently, my searches on second hand fashion sites have been focused on one decade: the ’90s.

This decade-specific search isn’t just because the Instagram account @90sanxiety is one of my favourite accounts to follow. Over the past year, I’ve noticed more and more throwback styles coming back into fashion, whether it’s influencers proudly wearing the real-deal items that they’ve sourced from their favourite vintage spots, or high street staples coming out with modern takes on iconic silhouettes.

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(Image credit: Getty Images)

If the sartorial ’90s style isn’t quite for you—personally I don’t think I can pull off the whole capri trouser and baby t-shirt look—then may I suggest looking at the world of accessories? The decade was marked by the release of some true handbag icons, from the glamorous Fendi Baguette to the more elegant Lady Dior. These famous fashion houses have continued to release new versions of these legendary silhouettes, but you’ll also find that other designers and more affordable high street favourites have also riffed on the aesthetic to create their own versions, too.