6 Micro Trends Redefining Spring 2024, According to an Expert

Here at Who What Wear we’re not afraid to call ourselves experts when it comes to searching for the latest trends. Whether we’re attending shows or combing through lookbooks and street style pics, we can instantly spot a designer-backed trend that will go the distance, but what we actually end up wearing can often be slightly different.

Therein lies the difference between a major trend and micro one; take the mini skirt as an example. Although the 2020 runways were awash with teeny weeny skirts no bigger than belts, we were at home indulging in luxe loungewear. And although TikTok would have us believe that everyone is stocking up on ultra-baggy, low-slung jeans, our wardrobes are still full of flattering high-waisted and straight-leg cuts. So, how can we tell if we’re really on to something? Whether it’s a new accessory, an updated silhouette, or a styling tweak, micro trends are the quick and easy swaps that can help bring an outfit up to date without having to drastically change your entire aesthetic. Wondering which micro trends feel fresh for the season ahead? We asked Madé Lapuerta, an expert in all things trending for her insight into spring 2024 and what people really want to wear now.

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